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Whispering Dragonflies

Whispering Dragonflies
A story book by Kate Mallinder

Comfort Doll Project


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

This is a recent picture of our "shed" that we are having built in our garden. It is truly magnificent and looks fantastic!
The window is enormous and is almost restored. Lets hope it fits!!
We are having the topping out party this weekend with lots of delicious Nepalese food which Phil and I will make on the day. I expect there will lots of alcohol consumed and we have a 3 litre bottle of fizz to share to celebrate, which Phil won at a charity event. As our builder Alan (pictured) drinks for Britain there will be plenty of frivility and fun and games I expect!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

These are the other pieces I have created recently. I think I still need some practice at faces but will get there eventually. I really love the one with me in the middle. It is hanging on my wall in my dining room.

This is the piccy I have created for my lovely friend. It is all about friendships.

Arty Days

I have spent a wonderful day creating an artwork for a very special friend as a thank you for a lovely evening out. She invited me to a Nepalese Restaurant with herself, two other Nepali friends and an Iranian lady. What a fabulous evening we had talking about our differnet cultures, religious beliefs, husbands, children food, clothes etc. etc!